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From Chief DeWayne Philpott:Chief DeWayne Philpott

On behalf of the department, I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

The City of Teague was first settled during the the Civil War. A small community known as "Brewer" grew up at the site, during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The residents  of the time incorporated the new town as "Teague" in 1906, named after Betty Teague, the niece of railroad magnate Benjamin Franklin Yoakum, who was building the Trinity and Brazos Valley Railway through the county at the time.

Teague is located in western portion of Freestone County in which U.S. Highway 84 passes through the northern side of the city, leading northeast 10 miles to Fairfield, the county seat for Freestone County, and northwest 13 miles to Mexia. Texas State Highway 179 (Main Street) leads east 9 miles to Dew and west 12.5 miles to Meixa.

The Teague Police Department is established by state law and local ordinance. Since our inception the dynamics and staffing of the department have changed over the years and adapted to the developing needs of our community. To service an estimated population of approximately 3500 citizens the department the city Board of Aldermen  has set our staffing at 7 peace officers (a Chief, 2 Sergeants, and 4 Officers), along with 1 civilian employee. The department does have a reserve officer program which utilizes volunteers from our great community to augment the departmental goals of public safety. The Chief executive of the police department is the Chief of Police, appointed by the Board of Aldermen. The Chief, with approval of the Board of Aldermen, appoints police officers who are charged with enforcing the laws of the United States, State of Texas, and local ordinances. The jurisdiction of the police department is limited to the incorporated city limits, except in cases of pursuit of offenders who have committed a violation within the city limits and flee outside the city limits, when another agency requests assistance, or as authorized by Texas statutes.  The organization of the police department supports the effective and efficient accomplishment of departmental responsibilities and functions according to community-oriented policing principles.

It is our mission to afford the highest levels of initiative-taking and responsive service to the City of Teague, in partnership with neighborhoods and the community. We will persevere in detecting and solving problems that offer the citizens of Teague with the highest quality of life possible. This service will be provided by our staff with integrity, equity, and excellence as a standard guiding our enforcement activities. Our staff members are dedicated to enhancing public safety and reducing the fear and incidence of crime. People in our communities are our most important customers. We strive to work in partnership with the people in our communities and do our best, within the law, to solve community problems that affect public safety and quality of life issues. We value the great diversity of our citizens in both our residential and business communities and serve all with equal dedication. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of our work. We are never satisfied with the “status quo.” We aim for unceasing advancement in serving the citizens in our communities. We value innovation and support creativity. The police cannot accomplish the task of crime prevention alone, this task necessarily requires the willing cooperation of both the police and the public working together toward a common goal.

Our Administrative Assistant provides support to the daily operations of the Police Department and the Municipal Court. This position performs a variety of routine clerical and/or administrative work in support of the city municipal court operations and law enforcement efforts to reduce crime . They interact with the public, employees, and vendors in a variety of ways. They also assist in coordinating department programs/projects.

While the department works closely with the community, we work diligently to maintain our primary principles within our mission statement and core values.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Teague Police Department to provide the highest levels of proactive and responsive service to the City of Teague in partnership with neighborhoods and the community. We shall endeavor to detect and solve problems that will afford the citizens of Teague with the highest quality of life possible. This service shall be provided with integrity, equity, and excellence.

Core Values

Dedication to the Department’s mission and professional conduct in providing caring services is essential to community support and successful performance.

Positive contributions and innovation are supported and encouraged in achievement of departmental goals.

Pride and integrity are the direct result of individual honesty, interpersonal trust, teamwork, and open communications at all levels.

Authority must be willing to accept personal responsibility and accountability for their decisions.

Our future is determined by the development and maturity of each individual member and we subscribe to the following values:

  • Integrity – I will always maintain my personal integrity in all that I do, at work and at home.
  • Excellence – I will always pursue excellence for myself and the Teague Police Department.
  • Fairness – I will always treat all people fairly.
  • Pride – I will take pride in myself, my department and my profession and shall always maintain their honor.
  • Honesty – I will always be honest; honest to myself, to my supervisors, and to the public.
  • Service – I will always endeavor to provide the highest level of service.
  • Compassion – I will always be compassionate.
  • Innovation – I will always endeavor to be innovative, looking for new and better ways to do things.

Thank you for visiting our website and if we may be of service to you, please feel free to contact us.

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