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Jacob Cowling

Cowing began his employment with the City of Teague in March 2017 as the Director of Public Works. Cowling started his public works career working for the City of Shenandoah.  He worked there for 7 years before coming to work for the City of Teague.

Prior to that, he worked in construction for 5 years.  Cowling worked his way up from a Field Technician to a Water and Wastewater Operator for the City of Shenandoah, by doing this, Cowling gained knowledge of all matters related to public works and construction.  Cowling, now as the City of Teague’s Director of Public Works, oversees managing and running of the Water, Wastewater, Street, Park Departments and Building Maintenance.  Cowling is also the Safety Coordinator for the City and strives to make sure everyone is working safe and in safe conditions. He always promotes growth for the City and City employees.  Cowling currently holds a Class C Water Treatment License and a Class C Wastewater Treatment License.  In his free time, he enjoys fishing, traveling and spending time with his Family.


Director of Public Works


Pressure Related Issues

If you have a problem with your water pressure, call City Hall at 254 739 2547.

​Water Emergencies

If you have or see a water emergency, such as a broken water main, fire hydrant, or water service line (between a water meter and the street), or you see water gushing from the middle of a street, please call 254-739-5327 Extension 110, 24- hours a day. When dialing from a mobile device after pressing in the main number press and hold the * (asterisk) Symbol until a comma appears then enter in the extension number and call.

Water Quality Issues

The City of Teague's Public Works takes great effort to ensure that the tap water delivered to our residents meets or surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards. In our effort to maintain very high water quality, the department conducts tests weekly, monthly and annually throughout the distribution systems to ensure your safety. The city is required by law to distribute a water quality report (aka consumer confidence report) every year. If you have a question about the quality of your water, please contact Public Works at 254 739 5327